API is a Cobalt™ Accredited Specialist

Cobalt™ Tubular Technology was developed for improved corrosion protection, asset longevity, reduced repair costs for drilling tubulars, as well as the environmental benefits.

CobaltULTRA… “enviro-friendly” External coating for Drilling tubulars
CobaltGUARD… “enviro-friendly” Internal coating for Drilling tubulars
CobaltCLEAR… “enviro-friendly” External coating for Casing and Tubing
CobaltTHREAD… “enviro-friendly” Thread Compound

Also… CobaltLOCK Thread Locking Compound

Our research has found that many of the coatings applied to tubular equipment used downhole may contain toxic additives, are solvent based, high VOC content, are flammable during application and generally not ideal for aquatic environments, or for use in onshore wells sensitive to groundwater contamination.

CobaltTHREAD™ Enviro-Friendly Thread Lubricant Technology


  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Improved connection performance
  • Significantly improved anti galling properties
  • Improves Health and Safety performance
  • Improved thread protection during storage


  • Advanced Thread Protection Technology
  • Superior makeup and breakout Performance
  • Enviro-Friendly Formula
  • Excellent adhesion to wet threads
  • High anti-galling resistance
  • Advanced connection lifecycle corrosion protection
  • Longer Tubular Asset Life


The key features of CobaltTHREAD™ contribute to highly effective performance against the key areas of client concerns, such as; anti-galling, corrosion protection, connection sealing, personnel safety, friction protection and the environmental footprint.

CobaltLOCK™ is a NEW 2pack High Strength Epoxy, designed for use on OCTG threaded connections for the prevention of joint loosening or casing back-off.