Australian Pipe Inspection offers a wide range of Third Party Auditing services. Our personnel have extensive experience monitoring the following types of inspections:

Full Length Pipe Body Inspections

  • Verify personnel qualifications
  • Verify calibration of equipment
  • Check and verify heat numbers

SEA (Special End Area)

  • Verify personnel experience and qualifications
  • Verify solution and light intensities
  • Verify adequacy of magnetic field


  • Verify drift O.D. is correct and within API specifications
  • Periodically check drift O.D. throughout job

Hydrostatic Testing

  • Check condition and compatibility of test plugs prior to testing
  • Periodically check connections for plug damage

Internal Coating

  • Inspect the ID to insure there are no coating imperfections

Assembly Makeup and Testing

  • Verify accessories size, weight, grade, and connection type match specifications
  • Perform a complete Visual Thread Inspection (VTI) prior to prepping the connections
  • Verify load cells are properly calibrated prior to initial make-up
  • Verify torque turn graphs meet manfacturers criteria for the connection
  • Drift assemblies prior to and after make-up to verify connection and tube integrity
  • Verify all testing equipment is within calibration and test pressures meet specifications
  • Confirm test charts are within tolerances
  • Install clean thread protectors
  • Verify calibration of equipment


Thinkness Measurement

Permeability Measuremrnt


Independent OCTG Inspection Consultancy services


All jobs will be throughly documented in a report supplied to the customer. This report will include all personnel certifications and equipment calibrations and will chronologically detail the job from start to finish.