API is proud of our innovations to the industry, which have already become the envy of our international competitors. Our OCTG Inspection personnel take great pride in their OCTG knowledge, OCTG Inspection equipment, API’s unique Inspection facilities and our excellent safety record.

API has installed “Australian First” NDT Inspection systems and implemented tubular management processes that are continually being re-evaluated to satisfy our customers changing requirements and lead in the OCTG Inspection industry for quality, performance and safety.

  • Pipe inspections to DS1 3rd Edition CAT1-5
  • Pipe Inspections to API RP7-G & NS1/NS2
  • Inspection of Drill Pipe, Hevi-Wate, Drill collars, Subs & Cross Overs
  • Non-Mag Inspection Specialists
  • NATA Accredited
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Full length API drifting
  • BHA ( Bottom Hole Assembly)
  • ID & OD dimensional checks
  • Hardness testing
  • Full EMI scanning
  • Portable connection Re-facing
  • MPI / DPI / UT inspections
  • High Pressure external & internal cleaning