Australian Pipe Inspection are the technology leaders in drill pipe inspection nationally.  We have the only stationary fixed head automated EMI & UT station in Australia operating at our Perth facility which has all-weather operational capability.

The following are our main methods of tubular/ drill pipe inspection:

  • (UT) Fixed Head Automated Non-Contact Probe Immersion Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Inspection of Tubular from 2 3/8”- 6 5/8”
  • (EMI) Fixed Head Automotive Electromagnetic Inspection of tubular ranging from 2 3/8”- 6 5/8” with the capabilities of locating transverse & 100 % wall thickness monitoring
  • (UT) Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Corrosion Monitoring
  • (MT) Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • (PT) Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • (EC) Eddy Current Inspection
  • (FLUT) Full Length Ultrasonic  is currently under manufacture and coming soon

We are the fasted growing drill pipe inspection centres in Australia, with our customer service and one-shop stop capabilities making us the winning choice in all our recent tender.  To contact us directly regarding your tubular inspection needs ring us on 1300 111 274 (24/7 hotline) or email: