Hardbanding is a process used to increase a tubular joint life and reduce casing wear caused by the drill string. The hardbanding process deposits hardfacing alloys onto drill pipe tool joints, collars, heavy weight drill pipe and other down hole components to protect both casing and drill string assets from abrasive wear. Hardbanding is most commonly applied to the box end of drill pipe tool joints using a MIG welding process, bonding the hardbanding alloy with the parent steel of the drill pipe.  There are, however, other hardbanding application methods that are occasionally used including laser and plasma arc processes.

Mobile hardbanding services provides cost-effective maintenance for tubulars without shipping costs to and from a service centre. Using state-of-the-art portable equipment, fully trained and qualified API Services personal provide hardbanding services including onsite application of hardbanding for drillpipe, drill collars, and Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe.

Hardbanding has many advantages including:

  • Substantially increasing the tool joint life
  • Greatly reduces casing wear caused by the drill string
  • Substantially reduces down hole drag and torque
  • Reduces rig fuel consumption
  • It also allows operators to run lighter weight casing

THE API Hardbanding Services Benefits:

  • API can perform hardbanding at our inspection Centre or our mobile hardbanding comes to your location
  • Eliminates transport costs
  • Approved Applicator for leading brands
  • Removal and re-building of existing hardbanding available